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Bonlife Coffee

Bonlife Coffee

Jeremy was born in Germany. That's where it started, following his parents around to cafes across Europe... at the time he wasn't enjoying it, but years later those sounds and smells still influence our work.

For Erika, the journey began when she met Jeremy and they settled in a small town in Tennessee. First green coffee, then wholesale roasting,  and ultimately their own retail cafes are the culmination of this effort.

Ultimately, the story of Bonlife is the story of a dream and the effort to turn that dream into a reality. Anything worth doing takes effort, and we believe this is a story worthy of effort, welcome.
Drink a Better Story...
As our dream of coffee turned into reality, we continue to realize how hard it is to do good well. You see, it's not enough to give you a good coffee or do a good thing, we must do good while doing well. We must leave things better than we find them, because at the end of the day, all we have is what we give.

Welcome to the story, drink it up.

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